Welcome to our family!

Tulip Electronics Inc. is a manufacturer of CNC memory upgrades. While our primary business is CNC memory upgrades, we are actively seeking ways to bring greater value to our customers.

If you have a control needing an upgrade, or any other CNC manufacturing or machine shop need that we don't provide, we'd love to hear about it! We may develop a solution in future based on demand, and be able to connect you with a solution in the meantime.

We also have the capacity to manage larger CNC-related contracts such as machine retrofits, and the design and delivery of specialized industrial products.

Please contact us here with any Request For Quote, technical or business inquiry.

Hello, my name is Bill Peiman, and I founded Tulip Electronics Inc. in 1988. The Tulip was chosen as a simple homage to the Netherlands, where I was born and raised. I immigrated to Canada in 1966 and launched my career as an industrial service technician in the '70s. I've been in Ontario, Canada, and in the CNC business ever since - though the business has taken me to many countries around the world, and we ship internationally.

Tulip Electronics has always been a family-owned small business, and we pride ourselves on the level of individual service and support we are able to provide our customers. We design, build and test our own memory. We offer industry-leading warranties, technical support, and rates.

We deliver reliable upgrades for your CNC controls, and we've been doing it for 28 years.

We're interested in conversations about new product development and business partnerships.